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Spool of thread paper piece quilting block free pattern

Spool of Thread-Finished Size: Paper Pieced-Print Paper Foundation (PDF), de 365 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks.

have to make this spool thread hanger. mine are in a box and getting all tangled up!

DIY Framed Up Thread Holder.Make the spool holder a little longer and put the bobbin on it.then can find matching bobbin easy.

Spools of Thread Cake Pops from Xialou of 6 Bittersweets

I just love it when sweets so perfect as a spool of thread cake pop land in my inbox. Especially cookies and cream spool of thread cake pops. Guest poster 6 Bittersweets shares the tutorial HERE at…

Another altered doll made out of a tart tin and spool of thread.  Her easy has awesome dolls

Isn't she just the cutest thing? Fairy "Mystic" Assemblage Art Doll from ferrytalesgifts on etsy

Sewing Hacks: Martha Stewart recommends buying the larger spools of thread and then placing the spool in a tea cup so you can use the thread as-is. This is a great way to save money (large spools are more for your money) and save time (no more switching thread all the time)!

13 Sewing Hacks that are Pure Genius

a way to use large spool of thread on a standard machine. set the spool in a heavy cup and bring the thread around the spool pin so it makes a 90 degree turn to the thread guide. Set the cup directly under the spool pin.

I Drew the Short Straw - a great way to keep matching thread and bobbin together.

Tip for keeping bobbins with spools of thread - a plastic drinking straw. I currently use golf tees but this seems good too!

I have a spontaneous DIY post today (so spontaneous, I only have iPhone  photos!)! This one is interesting for anyone who sews :) I took home this  small empty cardboard box from work today (it held the rolls of receipt  paper for the card reader thingy) and noticed it was the perfect height to  store spools of thread!  Just a few days ago I bought a "spool box" at the fabric store that holds  12 spools of thread in a nice small plastic box with a lid. And because it  cost me 7.50 Swiss ...

DIY: Thread Spool Box

DIY: Thread Spool Box - This one is interesting for anyone who sews :)

Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story

Ages In The Seven Days of Kwanzaa: How to Celebrate Them the author offered ideas, including crafts and recipes, for celebrating the cultural holid

How cute is this needle and thread case? Maybe you would not make it for yourself, but what a great gift for a friend or secret sister!

Ready Threader Tutorial ~ nice little gifts for a senior person with limited vision or manual dexterity.