SPQR Roman Legion tattoo, with "Legio IX Britannia" below it. Yes, I do realize the actual historical name of the Roman Legion that fought in Britiain was "Legio IX Hispana". However, I wanted to be creative about, and as a sign of respect to both sides who fought and died in Britian during that time period, to rename it to what the Romans called the island, "Britannia".

SPQR Roman Legion tattoo, with "Legio IX Britannia" below it. Yes, I do realize…

Justinian was known as the last Roman emperor; he and his court still spoke Latin, wanted to restore the old Roman Empire by reclaiming its lost lands, and neatly organized Roman law in one book, the Corpus Juris Civilis. This symbol stands for Senatus Publisque Romanus, The Senate and People of Rome.

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Senatus Publisque Romanus - The Senate and People of Rome. I love the eagle.

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Pshh. Stupid romans. They just don't know how undescribely awesome Athena (Minerva, whatever) is.

Upon becoming a full-fledged Legionnaire, you are magically branded by a tattoo featuring the symbol of your god parentage, the letters SPQR and vertica. C-J Tattoo Reference Sheet

Laurel Leaves Ankle Tattoo The laurel wreath symbol, comprised of two curved laurel branches, instantly takes one back to a time when Helen of Troy’s daily exploits would have filled the local tabloids. Laurel wreaths, played a strong symbolic role in the mediterranean region during Greek and Roman times. The wreath was used as an emblem for the Sun God Apollo as well as a symbol of victory which was commonly worn on the head in times of triumph and celebration. While you still see the…

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Roman Eagle SPQR BLACK

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Aquila (Roman)An aquila, or eagle, was a prominent symbol used in ancient Rome, especially as the standard of a Roman legion.