One of the best things I ever did was to get this SquareUP gadget for shows.  No ipone, no biggie.... works with most Android phones as well.  Love me, my square up!

Square Payment is a small device that inserts into your phone and allows you, with the aid of an app to process credit card payment right from your phone. I have been using it all summer and it works wonderfully. * work w/pay as you go phone?

The Square mobile credit card reader allows you to accept credit card payments with either a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android by using the Square card reader app.

What a great way for small property management firms to accept credit cards in their office with minimal headaches!

I got Square for my retail business and LOVE it! So easy, and no contracts or any of the rip-offs of most merchant account systems. Plus, it's mobile. :)

Square credit card reader and payment system . elegant, easy credit card payments for anyone

Apps and updates: Splashtop 2, Square Card Reader, iBank, JamUp Pro, iHeart Radio, and more | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Apps and updates: Splashtop Square Card Reader, iBank, JamUp Pro, iHeart Radio, and

Square mobile card reader

Square mobile card reader

Square Card Reader

30 Pixel Perfect iPad App Designs

Square Card Reader - The subtle textures on the Square application add a nice effect to the UX. Adding a paper texture to the bill and receipts makes the app feel much more familiar and intuitive.

Now you can manage your business anywhere through your iPhone, iPad or iPods using square register technology. its square free card reader, economical price and easy to use business tools make it perfect and efficient business partner.

Okay I doubt this will become mainstream but the concept sure will. POS systems are pretty antiquated and an iPad running a POS app will allow for more robust tracking at a lower cost.

Cashbox – Happy Owl Studio The Cashbox by Happy Owl Studio - iPad & Square-based cash register.

Etsy Credit Card Reader - Off line sales link back to your Etsy shop!

Got an Etsy Shop? Then you need to get the Sell on Etsy App and Card Reader. Now you can sell your items offline and everything get captured in your Etsy Shop Stats. Your online inventory will adjust in real-time. Even if buyers pay with cash.

Leitor de cartão de crédito para iPhone. Tecnologia impressionante. Ele transmite os dados do cartão de crédito pelo fone de ouvido!

T-Mobile brings Square to select small businesses, does the mobile payment thing

Square Credit Card Reader - so cool set up under hour perfect for Art Fairs. There is an app that allows you to add items like a Cash Register system.

Mobile Credit Card Readers - Your favorite food truck owner, small business owner, and enterprising girl scout now have a new option when it comes to taking your credit card payment: PayPal Here & Square.

PayPal Takes On Square, Launches 'PayPal Here' Credit Card Reader

The new service allows small businesses to accept many forms of payment via the Internet, offline and mobile devices

The Square Card Reader enables anyone to accept credit cards using nothing more than a smartphone. Just plug it in to your iPhone®, iPad® or Android® phone and you'll have a wireless credit card terminal you can use nearly anywhere. Use the Square Card Reader with the free Square iPhone®/Android app to start taking payments in minutes. Just plug it in and swipe a credit card. The money will deposit into your bank account the next day.

Starbucks partnership with Silicon Valley’s Square is a ‘game changer’ for mobile payments, experts say

Amazon Launches New Mobile Credit Card Reader App 8.3.2014

Amazon Takes Shopping Offline With a New Mobile Credit Card Reader