St. Bartholomew's Church - Berchtesgaden, Germany: St. Bartholomä is a Catholic pilgrimage church in the Berchtesgadener Land district of Bavaria in Germany. It named for Saint Bartholomew the Apostle, patron of alpine farmers and dairymen. The church is located at the western shore of the Königssee lake, on the Hirschau peninsula. It can only be reached by ship or after a long hike across the surrounding mountains.

Bartholomew’s Church – Berchtesgaden, Germany. One of my favorite places in the world.

St Bartholomew The Great, an Anglican church located at West Smithfield, London

St Bartholomew The Great - this is the [reverse side of the] Tudor gatehouse to the priory church, which leads onto West Smithfield. The stone arch is all that remains of the former entrance to the Western façade, destroyed in 1539 during the dissolution

St Bartholomew's gatehouse that leads to the oldest parish church in London - St Bartholomew-the-Great - was built in the sixteenth century.

St Bartholomew's gatehouse leading to the oldest parish church in London; century St Bartholomew-the-Great. In 1916 a German Zeppelin bomb fell nearby causing tiles to fall off, revealing this Elizabethan half timber fronted house built in

The Church of Saint Bartholemew, Liège, Belgium, Founded outside the city walls, it was built in coal sandstone, starting in the late 11th century

The Church of Saint Bartholemew was founded outside the city walls an built in coal sandstone, starting in the late Liège-Belgium.

Kaplica Czaszek- Chapel of Skulls.  Yes, this is a real place. Somehow it's not that creepy in real life.

Kaplica Czaszek: The Chapel of Skulls

Kaplica Czaszek- The Skull Chapel. Bartholomew's in Czermna is a chapel located in Kudowa-Zdrój, part of the Czech Corner in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.

Old London | by Mike Hewson

Entrance to St Bartholomew-the-Great, Cloth Fair, (Smithfield) London - by Mike Hewson

st bartholomew's church...THIS IS ABOUT THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY IN ST. BARTS!

St. Bartholomew’s Church by Maxim Velcovsky

customized cruxifix chairs - by qubus studio for st. bartholomew’s, chodovice, eastern bohemia.

St. Bartholomew's Church, Berchtesgaden by Sergiu Bacioiu, via Flickr

Bartholomew's Church, Berchtesgaden also was inside this church beautiful