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Brigid of Ireland (born died aged She is the patron saint of Ireland, cattle, dairy farmers, and newborns.

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St Brigid's Catholic Parish: Gisborne: Victoria: Australia: Patron Saint: Saint Brigid of Kildare

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Read the Story of Saint Brigid's Cross and Understand its Meaning

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Brigid Celtic Goddess and Catholic Saint

Brigid: Celtic Goddess and Catholic Saint

February Brigid, the Pagan Goddess of Ireland, became the revered Catholic Saint Brigid. Brigid was supposedly born in Kildare, meaning “church of the oak.” The two great influences on Irish spirituality are Christianity and Paganism.

Brigid was probably born at Faughart near Dundalk, Louth, Ireland. Her parents were baptized by St. Patrick, with whom she developed a close friendship. According to legend, her father was Dubhthach, an Irish chieftain of Lienster, and her mother, Brocca, was a slave at his court. Even as a young girl she evinced an interest for a religious life and took the veil in her youth ...continue reading

Brigid of Ireland Fun Fact: St Brigid was raised by the druids in Ireland. After hearing St Patrick preach, she was converted to Christianity and later became an Abbess who founded a double monastery in Kildare and many convents all over Ireland.

If I make a trip back to Ireland, this is where I'm going. St. Brigid's well in Kildare.

I visited St. Brigid's Well in Kildare, Ireland in ( I didn't take the photo ). It is a very magical place- not to be missed!