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Feast of St. Abbott the Saint

Caravaggio Saint Jerome Writing, , The Borghese Gallery, Rome. Read more about the symbolism and interpretation of Saint Jerome Writing by Caravaggio.

Kate Baylay - Saint Jerome. This might have been finished up digitally, but I'm not sure. Anyway, St. Jerome is the patron saint of librarians, libraries, archivists, archeologists, Bible scholars, school children, students, and translators. He was also completely anti-sex: "Everything [is] poison which bears within it the seeds of sensual pleasure." Sounds like someone needed to get laid.

Kate Baylay, believe this is St. Mark the Evangelist and writer of the gospel of Mark

[Saint Jerome pulling a thorn from a lion's paw] All the early Protestant leaders (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, even the Anglicans) claimed that Saint Jerome rejected the deuterocanonical books of the Bible that Catholics include..the canonical books of Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, and 1&2 Maccabees (and those portions of Daniel and Esther). However, by AD 382, we see a reversal in St Jerome’s sentiments.

[Saint Jerome pulling a thorn from a lion's paw] All the early Protestant…

[Renaissance] 1513 - St. Jerome, St. Christopher and St. Augustine - Giovanni Bellini

BELLINI, Giovanni Sts Christopher, Jerome and Louis of Toulouse 1513 Oil on panel, 300 x 185 cm San Giovanni Crisostomo, Venice

Domenico Ghirlandaio (Italian, 1449-1494) ~ Italian painter ~ Florentine school ~  St Jerome ~ ca.1471 ~ Fresco Parish Church of Sant'Andrea, Cercina

Domenico Ghirlandaio - St Jerome c. 1471 Fresco Parish Church of Sant'Andrea, Cercina.

St. Jerome, monk and doctor of the church, was probably best know for his translation of the Bible into Latin.  In defense of relics, St. Jerome wrote: "We do not worship, we do not adore, for fear that we should bow down to the creature rather than to the Creator, but we venerate the relics of the martyrs in order the better to adore Him whose martyrs they are."  He is the patron saint of librarians.  His feast day is September 30th.

Feast of St. September Dalmatian scholar and desert ascetic in Palestine. Especially noted for his monumental Vulgate translation of the Bible into Latin. Patron saint of librarians and scholars of Scripture.

Карло Кривелли Мадонна с ласточкой (detail) 1490-95 Национальная галерея, Лондон

Carlo Crivelli - Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saint Jerome and Saint Sebastian.

St Jerome - Begin NOW to be what you WILL BE hereafter. Some of the best advice I've read is to regularly discern before the Blessed Sacrament the person you would like to be with all that you've been given, and to then to ask the Lord for the grace and humility to become that person.

St Jerome - Begin NOW to be what you WILL BE hereafter ! This will be our school motto this year - at St Jerome Homeschool

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Lessons 7-9 from the Divine Office for St. Jerome, Confessor, Doctor: Matth 5:13-19;  Book 1, chaper 5 on Matthew by St. Jerome the Pries...

Barocci, Federico- St Jerome c. Oil on canvas; Galleria Borghese, Rome In this painting, recent restoration has revealed a lion, sleeping like a large cat in the background; it had been hidden under thick layers of paint that had darkened with age.

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