St vincent digital witness

St. Vincent - Digital Witness. Directed by Chino Moya

Vincent "Digital Witness" on Vimeo color blocking, green, yellow

Director: Chino Moya Executive producer: Beth Montague Producer: Ilduara Lamas DOP: Pau Castejón Set designer: Stephane Carpinelli Costume designer: Maria Elena Soria Hair & make up: Beatriz Matallana Postproduction supervisor: Joaquín Gutiérrez@User T38 Postproduction producer: Lucía Olano@User T38 Nuke artists: Joaquin Gutiérrez, Alfonso Hernández Haro, Javier Urrutia@User T38 Editor: Pablo Plant Colourist: Paula Ruiz 1st AD: Borja Leyva

Vincent always creates amazing music videos! Directed by Chino Moya. Watch “Digital Witness” after the jump. Vincent “Digital Witness” from chino moya on Vimeo.

St Vincent - Digital Witness (DARKSIDE Remix)

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington's Darkside have released an incredible and intense remix of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness.

St. Vincent Wants 'All of Your Mind' in New Single 'Digital Witness' -

St. Vincent Wants 'All of Your Mind' in New Single 'Digital Witness' -

St. Vincent: "Digital Witness"

The most trusted voice in music.

Video: Lose yourself in the surreal machinations of St. Vincent's “Digital Witness” | Chart Attack

Throughout the video the color scheme was repetitive. The color of the walls and clothing were all muted shades of blue and yellow. All of the colors blended together, showing again the principle of unity.

St Vincent Digital Witness, vimeo splash

Vincent “Digital Witness” by Chino Moya St. Vincent is a futuristic-psychiatric-ward-escapee-style Willy Wonka in the creepy-pretty video for “Digital Witness.