Mont St. Michel ~ Normandie _____________________________ France ~ Francia ~ Frankrijk

Mont Saint-Michel - Artist: piece by renown poster artist Fix-Masseau. Located off the northwestern coast of France, the Gothic style Benedictine Abbey dedicated to the archangel St Michael is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a major tourist destination.

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Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia. As a ghost, I am looking for a castle to haunt. What about this one? I know it isn't technically a 'castle' but look at its magnificent size! I think it would still be splendid to haunt.

@Jesabel St-Jean nos rues de romance! <3

"Meet me at the Clock" ...

Downtown Traverse City in looks like this picture was taken in the winter.i've been in downtown traverse city before which is very nice,but never in the winter.

British Library, in London : now, I really, really want to read ;)

Entrance Hall to the Natural History Museum, London, England. Romanesque Revival but with modern materials and structures such as terracotta and striking steel ribs to the roof. All decorated with natural imagery.