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I don't know if I like the brand name being so big, but what a classy fridge 805 157 9 Ash Huang Future Farm Sheila Abraham For smegheads.

Kitchen of the Week: A Culinary Space in Copenhagen by Garde Hvalsøe: Remodelista

Kitchen of the Week: A Culinary Space in Copenhagen by Garde Hvalsøe

We& featured the work of Copenhagen-based Garde Hvalsøe before (they& the fabricators behind Noma star chef René Redzepi& kitchen and the impeccable D

Me sigam também no INSTAGRAM, como KIKAJUNQ O branco é atemporal, leve, elegante e se bem cuidado, capaz de transmitir sensação de paz, tranquilidade, limpeza, além de combinar com tudo!! ✔ Post novo no blog do Le Petit Chouchou

The Most Stylish IKEA Kitchens We've Seen

This stainless steel kitchen is actually a combination of IKEA cabinets and stainless steel cover panels. Utilize brass hardware on stainless steel cabinets for a modern take on industrial design.

Architects' Favorite Kitchen Countertops | Remodelista

10 Favorites: Architects' Budget Kitchen Countertop Picks

"Our favorite budget countertop is a sheet of brushed stainless steel with an exposed, clear-sealed multi-ply plywood edge". Loft Rental Kitchen in LA by Oonagh Ryan Architects

Stainless steel backsplash tile, an alternative to mirror

Stainless Steel Running Brick Tile

This tile is from the Stainless Steel Collection. Stunning x Stainless Steel Running Brick configuration.

Interieurfotografie van een strakke keuken door ILB interieur in een loft te Wijnegem. © foto's Liesbet Goetschalckx

Stainless steel kitchen by ILB interieur - loft in Wijnegem Belgium - picture by Liesbet Goetschalckx

An industrial inspired Swedish home   competition winner

תאורה my scandinavian home: An industrial inspired Swedish home + competition winner