no no drama, no no no no drama

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Ahem. Let's just think in our head how that little display actually sounded to a group of rational adults.  Oh yeah innocent people don't delete shit they didn't so anything wrong on! Irony. So really just stfu.Lol.

Stalker, stalker go away No seriously go away you're starting to look psychotic now.

For those crazy females that like to stalk other females.

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Please do for your poor kids sake! I'm sure welfare will pay for your meds and a shrink or your much needed stay in the nut house.

That awkward moment when you're browsing Pinterest by websites you've pinned from. And your stalker has also pinned from there. Just after you. #creepmuch

Seriously it's about as pathetic and sick as it gets! 3 years and your still all up in my life n cyber stalking under fakes names! GET A LIFE LOSER!

Attention seeker.. Poor girl, We all know you don't get it at home- but I definitely don't have the time to give it to you... Please go away lol

Attention Seekers : The search never ends because it's all they seek and it'll never be enough.

like standing in a parking lot, jumping in your car when i come out, and sitting there until i smh

Lisa Legue, why are you so obsessed with me? You stalk my shit for years and years, copy what I like and do. Yet say YOU can't stand me? Hmm your actions say otherwise my darling. Keep creeping me, like the sad pathetic twat that you are😘

True words!

She hated and talked shit about me first therefore I respond but it all started with her and will end with her. I seriously don't care. I'd be perfectly content with no more drama from her crazy ass but she just won't stop since she hates me and stalks m

Hahahaha u're such a crazy, obsessed bitch. U say jealous bitch talk shit? I guess u're the most jealous bitch in the world who always try to look for shitty quotes about whore like you in here to write things about me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Let's see... I'll file that under... Ah, here it is. 'Fuck off.'

I'll file that under. Ah, here it is.' - hahaha yep, I have an entire folder at work called fuck off.

Not my bunny!!!!!!! stalker crazy ex wife

stalker crazy ex ---> OMG! We joke about this quite a bit and laugh our asses off!

I want this to be my resignation letter at work!

I want this to be my resignation letter at work! <~ I concur!