Star Trek Borg Cube Mug Assimilates Your Drinks For Consumption -  #borg #coffee #startrek

Star Trek Borg Cube Mug Assimilates Your Drinks For Consumption

Way back in 1996, First Contact was being conceived at a feverish pace.  The LA art department was fairly small, and we were working in conjunction with ILM on all the new ships and visuals.  Due t...

jeager-n-eaves battle over the borg queen

One | One was the designation of a Borg drone, created as a result of a transporter mishap that involved the Doctor's mobile emitter and Seven of Nine's nanoprobes. The mobile emitter, actually a 29th century piece of technology, was heavily damaged during transport and some of the nanoprobes were unknowingly incorporated into its circuitry. The emitter was taken to USS Voyager's science lab where it was subsequently assimilated by Seven's nanoprobes, and in turn began assimilating the lab.

Star Trek Voyager - Episode "One". One was a Borg drone, created as a result of…

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Star Trek: The Next Generation.Origin, The Delta Quadrant. The cybernetic life-form thousands of years old which is part organic, part artificial life. Stardate 7000 light years past Federation space in the Delta Quadrant.

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Biology is irrelevant. Socialization is irrelevant. Resistance is futile. -- The Trans Borg -

Borg cube- originally from the Delta Quadrant, the Borg were introduced into the Alpha Quadrant by the mischievous entity Q.

A massive, cube-shaped spacecraft that was first encountered on stardate near System in the Delta Quadrant, by the U. Enterprise thanks to Q. The Borg cube is one of the most formidable technologies known to the Feder.

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Instead of carrying drones across the galaxy to the outside, this Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge will load that beer or water you both enjoy, in addition to giving a Trekkie style to your place.

Star Trek Borg Costume Display Mannequin - Tom Spina Designs » Tom Spina Designs

Photos of our custom mannequin for a Star Trek Borg costume from the Next Generation series and films, turning this costume into a life sized statue!

Hugh, formerly Third of Five (Jonathan Del Arco): "I, Borg" - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hugh, formerly Third of Five, was a former Borg drone who was rescued by the USS Enterprise-D in.

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Star Trek Borg Leggings

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