Starfleet Insignia: The Star Trek Delta Shield by on @deviantART

An infographic showing the evolution of the "delta shield" from Star Trek in its many variations and appearances, from the original pilots through the m. Starfleet Insignia: The Star Trek Delta Shield

Terran Empire insignia from Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" episode

The Terran Empire In the pararell universe in Star Trek, instead of the Federation theres the Terran Empire, a vicious empire from earth that rather con. The Terran Empire

Hey Trekkies...are you looking for a cute ring? This custom Starfleet insignia ring comes from Etsy artist Valerie of VaLa Jewellery. It’s made of sterling silver and gold and contains a small white sapphire. It cost s $500(USD). Hey, geek love is priceless. What’s $500(USD) – especially in Federation Credits?

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring with White. - Sterling Silver Engagement Ring with White Sapphire Star Trek Insignia Inspired “ You are looking at the stunning Sterling Silver, White Gold and White Sapphire Engagement Ring! This beauty is.

.This is so good to show people who have never seen (or know nothing about) Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniforms and Rank Insignia