Me when people don't have Bodhi in their fics but have everyone else

stop forgetting my child! if i see another rogue one post talking abt how every character was amazing but bodhi rook isnt there im suing y'all!

This week was 40 years since Episode IV was released. Celebrate with some jokes from a galaxy far, far away.

27 Jokes You'll Only Understand If You've Seen "Star Wars"

"My Neighbor Porgoro" by Yuuza

I bet i'm not the first to make the connection, but i still had to draw it )) My neighbor Totoro with Porgs Who doesn't know what porgs are, you're dead. My Neighbor Porgoro

Why was it necessary?? // Rogue One, Star Wars, Bodhi Rook

What she means: I am still confused over the weird tentacle scenes involving Bodhi Rook.