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Good colors, interesting stomach / tabard continuation, shnees, weapon with cylinder and magazine is very swarsy.

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Extended Universe character from the SW comics in the Jodo Kast wore mandalorian armor and was a bounty hunter that impersonated Fett until the real Fett caught up with him

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Cad Bane

Jun 22 = Cad Bane - A ruthless bounty hunter and main antagonist in season 2 of The Clone Wars who appears in Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes.

Boba Fette - Created by Petri Rahkola

Official Post from Petri Rahkola: "Bobafette" My female version of Bobafett. I have stuck in this Star Wars theme :D Tried to make it detailed as i can but then i realize that i have used too much time in this.

Artists Re-Imagine STAR WARS in Some Spectacular Ways | Nerdist

Artists Re-Imagine STAR WARS in Some Spectacular Ways

Nimolish bounty hunter, and Republic errand boy, Jai Niziq, serves the RD and the BTF consistently by hunting down enemies of the Republic, or competitors seeking to undermine the BTF.

Some retro sci fi star wars style character ideas again still experimenting with the knights in space, was lots of fun Thanks for looking Apollo

Dave Rapozza - Star Wars Bounty Hunters 3

daverapoza: “Here are some bad cellphone photos of my recent Star Wars inks & markers! Worked up some of my favorite characters - Greedo, and Bossk! You can check out a tiny inking video on my.