Star Wars Droids and Machines Infograph.

STAR WARS Infographic - Droids and Machines and Their Real-Life Counterparts

the-art-of-rogue-one-_-k-2so-early-concept-art --- This is interesting but I'm glad they went with a different design

The legendary Star Wars designer Doug Chiang discusses bringing the story of Rogue One to life at Celebration Orlando.

B1 Battle Droids... Could they have been any less intelligent? Could they have had worse personalities? I think not. Again, it seems like part of the Neo-Star Wars design for poor attempts at humor and lack of critical thinking behind a character (for example, why would the Trade Federation program any personality short of something ruthless into these droids?).

B1 battle droid

battle droids were battle droids that made up the backbone of the Trade Federation Droid Army and the Separatist Droid Army. Often called "Clankers" by Galactic Republic clone troopers, they were the successor of the OOM-series battle droid.

The Viper probe droid, commonly referred to as the Imperial probe droid or Viper probot, was a probe droid used by the Galactic Empire for deep space exploration and reconnaissance. Appearances Star Wars: Galactic Defense, A New Dawn, Lost Stars (Indirect mention only), Star Wars Rebels – "Call to Action", Star Wars Rebels – "The Lost Commanders", Star Wars Rebels – "Relics of the Old Republic" (Mentioned only), The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, Star Wars: Darth Vader 8…

Viper probe droid

The Viper probe droid, commonly referred to as the probot or Imperial probe droid, was a.

“Droids” by Dave Perillo

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