Skywalker family tree.  Source: Club Jade

Source: Club Jade - - - Did not know Jacen had a child with Tenel Ka. Interesting how irony works.

Graphic designer Joe Stone traces the connections between every 'Star Wars' character in this minimalist chart.

Visualize the Intergalactic Saga With 'Star Wars' Family Tree [PICS]

UK-based artist Joe Stone created a minimalist Star Wars Family Tree illustration that displays assorted types of relationships between characters from the films and television series (here's a lar.

I knew about Mara Jade and that the Skywalkers and Solos had kids, I didn't know their names. Oh, Luke named his son Ben! *sniffle* And Leia named one of her sons Anakin!

Star Wars Family Tree

I'm not sure if this is truly Star Wars. Star Wars Family Tree - I really don’t know what’s going to happen in Episode VII, but if you’re not familiar with the expanded universe, this chart might come in handy to clear things up once it’s out.

The Skywalker/Solo Family Tree by on @DeviantArt

I could have extended it much, much, farther; but I was kind of lazy and I also thought this would. The Skywalker/Solo Family Tree

Here's a good theiry on the Skywalker lineage... The Lighter Side of the Force: The Skywalker Family Tree UPDATED after THE FORCE AWAKENS

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This is a cool theory, rey is likes daughter and obi wans Grand daughter. However I don't like snoke being anakins father, because that implies that snoke is enporer palpatine.

Star Wars Family Tree

Star Wars Family Tree

The Star Wars Family Tree. The children of Han and Leia are, Anakin, Jacen & Jaina. Luke has one son. They switched the names in the new movie.

You’ll learn more about one of the greatest Jedi Knights who ever lived in this fun family tree infographic. Trace the Skywalker lineage from the one who started it all, Shmi Skywalker Lars, to Kylo Ren, the galaxy’s newest bad boy from The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Family Tree: Luke Skywalker and His Ancestry