Star Wars Minimalist Movie Poster Design by Eder Rengifo

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Star Wars Symbol vinyl decal macbook laptop window sticker

Character development...  End of TFA: Kylo Ren is a creepy, whiny bratty baby like his grandfather, Skywalker are so predictable. End of TLJ: Kylo Ren is a complex and redeemable man who can bring balance to the Force if he gives into love, an anti-hero on par with Snape and Steve Harrington.

I actually thought he was a really interesting character in TFA too

Lord Revan by on @DeviantArt

pixalry: Knights of the Old Republic: Lord Revan & Bastila Shan Created by Corbin Hunter

Yeah why is no one talking about Daisy literally reaching her hand out!

Still am extremely disappointed with the new Star Wars Movies tho.

Darth Vader's Armor  #starwars

Darth Vader's Armor

22 Hilarious & Dank 'Star Wars' Prequel Memes

22 Hilarious & Dank 'Star Wars' Prequel Memes

You are 30 feet in the air but we do not grant you the rank of High Ground.

Rey is baffled by Luke Skywalker! Star Wars Episode VIII the Last Jedi, Sci-Fi, movie

starwarsnonsense: “Rey in The Last Jedi (my scan from the official collector’s magazine for the movie).

The latest Star Wars movie officially opens two months from today, and we can. not. wait.

Gaze upon the official poster and logo for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Star Wars: The Force Awakens New Poster Revealed Before First Trailer—Find Out Which Major Star Is Missing! Star Wars: The Force Awakens Poster