Star Wars The Old Republic- Sith Fighter Process Breakdown, Christian Piccolo on ArtStation at

ArtStation - Star Wars The Old Republic- Sith Fighter Process Breakdown, Christian Piccolo

The Trooper Evolution

Havoc Trooper (Star Wars) i want the armor… its bad ass… for a plastic boy View Full Article

Knights of the Old Republic - Revan Portrait by on @DeviantArt

I was working on a parody poster using this asset from my original piece, The Old Republic - Rise of an Empire

Life seems so much simpler when you're grilling things

Star Wars: The old republic daily news, tips and guides

Light saber models from SWTOR very cool - Could probably use this as a guide to making your own painted on version

Virgins 4eva! (28 photos)

TO be honest I thought these were custom made sonic screwdrivers before I realized they were light saber hilts. still freaking awesome!

Like the old canon better. Oh well.

New canon for Star Wars...specifically lightsaber crystals.

I will just point out that "syntactically" is supposed to be "synthetically" (in the EU, Sith crystals were synthetic rather than natural)

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This character stands very tall and seems superior to anybody that confronts him. He seems like he could be a sniper because of the "goggles" on-top of his head, they seem to be able to zoom in and out.

Spoiler alert! One of the most shocking moments in my gaming history was when I played Knights of The Old Republic,  around the end of the game I found out that my character was the evil dark lord REVAN you have been hearing about since the beginning!!!

Darth Revan, Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. He only comes in at second for my all time favorite Star Wars character.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Ross Jackson on ArtStation at

Good colors, interesting stomach / tabard continuation, shnees, weapon with cylinder and magazine is very swarsy.

Star Wars - The Empire is calling you.

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