20 Projects to Re-purpose Starbucks Bottles

20 Projects to Re-purpose Starbucks Bottles

Judy's Card Corner: Three Santas and Some Cash

We are enjoying our very busy Christmas holidays but I wanted to pop in to share three cards I made to give some Christmas .

She never recycles. Instead, she covered the bottles with THIS and puts the smartest thing inside.

Some glass drink bottles come in cool shapes, so it’s always sort of a shame when you get ready to recycle them.

Awesome crafts To Repurpose Starbucks Glass Bottles!  #tipit

Christmas Decor Starbucks bottles painted white with letters and red holly berries. I knew I was saving those Starbucks bottles for a reason.

20 Crafty Ways to Use Milk Bottles or upcycle starbucks glass bottles

20 Crafty Ways to Use Milk Bottles

20 Crafty Ways to Use Milk Bottles or upcycle starbucks glass bottles Love this especially since I've started an unintentional milk bottle collection

Starbucks Gold Siren Glass Water Bottle with Nylon Strap

This limited edition water bottle from Starbucks is gorgeous! This glass water bottle features a classic gold foil Starbucks siren mermaid on thick clear glass. The screw top lid is a lovely rose gold color stainless steel with a black nylon wrist strap.

I absolutely love this idea. Everything looks uniform and organized with the glass bottles. And their shelving for them is perfect.  Future spice storage for my kitchen right here!  I might even leave the lids as is bc it adds a certain character to the whole thing.   Etched Starbucks glass jars and used for spices....

THIS, my friends, is my future spice rack! (and spice jars) Etched Starbucks glass jars and used for spices.

Recycled Starbucks crafts | Damanda Lynn

Recycled Starbucks crafts

FAITH Bottles - old starbucks glass bottles spray painted, letters printed on scrapbook paper and then mod podged onto the bottles. Instead, use wine bottles

Candy-Cane-Sugar-Scrub in Starbucks glasses. This looks so pretty and a great way to reuse starbuck glasses!

Sugar Scrubs Recipes

Peppermint-Candy-Cane-Sugar-Scrub in Starbucks glasses: 2 cups white sugar, to cup almond oil (or coconut oil), few drops of peppermint essential oil; color half mixture with few drops of food coloring and layer in bottles

20 ideas para decorar botellas de vidrio. #decoracion #reciclaje #creatividad

DiY Painted Bottles- cute upcycle idea for Starbucks latte bottles and now you can buy empty milk bottles at craft stores too.

Paint Dipped Baby Food Jar Vases - 23 Clever DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars | Upcycle And Repurpose Ideas at http://diyready.com/diy-uses-of-baby-food-jars/

Baby Food Jar Craft Ideas

Here are some great ways to upcycle old baby food jars - and this is my favourite. Dip paint the bottom of the jars in gold paint and use them as small vases. They look particularly pretty when grouped together.

Hot cocoa kit made from recycled Starbucks bottles & box

Altered Starbucks Frap bottles, covered with DP (SU retired) and filled with: cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, cinnamon red hots, and Christmas M & M's.