A simple sweater over a plain button up. Add in a pair of super skinnies but lose the dr Martens and add cute boots or converse

Personalized: Starbucks has relaxed its uniform requirements - inviting staff to 'open your closets and have fun' in a 'look book',…

Starbucks relaxes uniform rules while releasing meticulous guidelines

Seriously?! Find the outfits seen in your favorite t.v. shows and buy them...and alternatives to the outfits when the real one is out of your price range!

Zooey Deschanel-celebrity style inspiration Layer a white button up over a black crewneck sweater for a polished classic look.

"Starbucks uniform" by botdf54321 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Moncler, Vans and 7 For All Mankind

i like this starbucks uniform idea as it has the logo on every item of clothing and i also like how it has a clear colour scheme. Its simple but effective and looks quite smart.

Starbucks To Finally Let Employees Show Their Tattoos

Starbucks To Finally Let Employees Show Their Tattoos

New Starbucks Barista Dress Code: Yes to Tattoos. Yes to Black Jeans.

spice up drinks and coffee cheat sheet

Starbucks coffee chart - because you should know what you are ordering 😊 Starbucks infographic, coffee cheat sheet, types of coffee drinks, types of espresso drinks, espresso cheat sheet

How to get a job at Starbucks | http://www.hiredphilippines.com/blog/how-to-get-a-job-at-starbucks/

Would You Like a Morning Bun with Your White Guilt? It makes me so sad that America does not put this company out of business. STOP buying starbucks. They are ANTI-American!

starbucks uniform requirements - Google Search

Don't be so serious. Life is short ~ Learn to take a JOKE! 5 Starbucks Customers That I Seriously Don’t Understand.

Starbucks Just Made Some Major Changes To Its Uniform Policy #refinery29

Your Local Starbucks Employees Are Going To Look A Little Different Now

Bye Khakis! Starbucks Uniforms Just Got the Hipster Treatment

Bye Khakis! Starbucks Uniforms Just Got the Hipster Treatment

Rather than the familiar solid black, white and khaki clothing underneath green aprons, baristas will be decked out in a range of colors and outfits that reflected their own personal tastes.

Some Heroes Wear Capes Come Heroes Make Your Coffee

Show off your barista humor with this coffee lover's, coffee shop worker's, caffeine fiend's, badass barista shirt!

Starbucks dress code spiced up

Starbucks dress code spiced up

I absolutely love this idea. Everything looks uniform and organized with the glass bottles. And their shelving for them is perfect.  Future spice storage for my kitchen right here!  I might even leave the lids as is bc it adds a certain character to the whole thing.   Etched Starbucks glass jars and used for spices....

THIS, my friends, is my future spice rack! (and spice jars) Etched Starbucks glass jars and used for spices.