starship troopers --one of the few good things about the movie as opposed to the book They got the "bugs" right.

Some aliens are depicted as inhuman, this is a highly developed bug from Starship Troopers


Nicolas-Beaujouan-Starship-Troopers-Vintage I read Heinlein in the a great author and I liked his strong female characters and work before the His sense of humor was grand and his work for a juvenile audience was outstanding.

Starship Troopers Papercraft - Warrior Bug

They are known as the Arachnids but are more commonly referred to as bugs, they're the alien race from the movie Starship Troopers. The bugs.

Starship Troopers Is Perfect — and Therein Lies the Problem

Starship Troopers Is Perfect — and Therein Lies the Problem

Recycled costumes: Starship Troopers, Power Ranges, Firefly. Passed down to generation to generation

Starship Trooper costumes were later used in Power Rangers and Firefly

These pieces of armor were used in "Starship Troopers" "Power Rangers" and then in an episode of "Firefly.

Starship troopers: Roughnecks by on @DeviantArt

Before SST was a show it had to be sold internally at Columbia Tristar. This was the art used by Executive Producer Richard Raynis to get the show in.

2/27/14 7:42a  Columbia Tristar Pictures      "StarShip Troopers RoughNecks  Plasma Bug Ass Blow Torch 1997  by

The idea of a giant bug spooting plasma out into space was fun, but I didn't like the design of the Plasma bug from the movie. So I redesigned it using my version of the Warrior bug as the genetic .