Steam bent wood.

The Art of Steam Bending

Informative article on wood bending

wood bending with leevalley jig Lamina em aço para Curvas em Madeira

Wood Steamer for bending- didn't know how to bend wood (pinning these for my hubby).

Homemade steam bending setup constructed from ABS pipe, end caps, and T-connector, hose, and a steam source.

British furniture designer Tom Raffield invented a new technique for steam bending wood and has built a business around the complex forms it creates.

British Designer Tom Raffield Is Steam Bending His Way to Success

The graceful Amble Hanging Seat symbolises a moment to relax. Handcrafted by the Tom Raffield studio in Cornwall, England, using sustainable wood (ash).

Shopmade Steam Bending Chamber - Bending Wood Tips and Techniques |

Shopmade Steam Bending Chamber - Bending Wood Tips and Techniques - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Plans, Woodworking Projects

Build A Steam Bending Box

I have always wanted to try wood bending. Particularly steam bending, so I purchased a Steam bending kit from Rockler and in this video I build a steam box t.

Q & A: Steam Bending Gear   Q: What do I need to know before building a simple steam-bending rig?   A: Steam bending doesn’t require sophisticated equipment. For a single bending project, you can quickly cobble together an apparatus from ordinary materials. The box. Build a box that fits your pieces out of any untreated solid wood or exterior plywood. Add a hinged or lift-off lid, but don’t make …

Q & A: Steam Bending Gear

Steam Bent Wooden Armchair - Mad About The House

Steam Bent Wooden Armchair

Isn’t this a gorgeous chair? It’s new from Tom Raffield, he of the gorgeous…