Ma Lai Go (Chinese Steamed Cake). I like how they steam this in the bamboo steamer.

Steamed Cake (Old fashioned Dim Sum)

Steamed Cake (Old Style Dim Sum) - Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese Recipes

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake) This took a little bit more time to put together. Tasted really good but very delicate. It stuck to my silicone molds. Will stick with my regular recipe.

Puto (Filipino Steamed Cake)

Puto is a Filipino Steamed Cake that is always served during the holidays. It is a steamed sweet cake that is traditionally made from ground rice.

steamed banana cupcakes

I must admit that this is one of the BEST steamed muffin recipes I have ever tried. These cupcakes are soft, moist and filled with banana flavour.

British Victoria sponge cake recipe

British Victorian Sponge Cake

Imagine a cake good enough to eat upside down. This Victoria Sponge Cake is inspired by Mary Poppins – that lovable British nanny at the heart of countless quirky adventures – and…

Recipe for Kiioritori Japanese Steam Cakes (Mushi-pan) レシピ・キイロイトリの蒸しパンの作り方 - Little Miss Bento

Recipe for Kiioritori Japanese Steam Cakes (Mushi-pan) レシピ・キイロイトリの蒸しパンの作り方

Recipe for Kiioritori Japanese Steam Cakes (Mushi-pan) レシピ・キイロイトリの蒸しパンの作り方 - Little Miss Bento

My Mind Patch: Steamed Orange & Egg Cake

Steamed Orange & Egg Cake : This is a non-dairy cake which uses freshly squeeze orange juice in place of milk. The addition of orange peel enhances the fresh aroma of the cake. The texture is surprising soft and can last till the next day.

More than 20 Delicious Steam Cake Recipes | My Baby Recipe

Steamed Yogurt with Pumpkin Cupcakes Recipe by: wei_toh Steamed butter cheese cupcakes Recipe by: Joyce Lee-Bates Steamed banana cupcakes Recipe by: denise_chua Soft & fluffy steamed cream cheese cakes Recipe by: l.

Soft and moist green tea steamed cake made with yogurt, honey, and matcha powder.

Green Tea Steamed Cake

Green Tea Steamed Cake | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Green Tea Steamed Cake

sugar cup all purpose flour 1 tsp. natural green tea powder (matcha powder) Anko (sweet red bean paste) for garnish (optional)

Steamed Orange Honey Cake (Egg-less & Butter-less) / Orange Sponge Cake

Steamed Orange Honey Cake

Steamed Orange Honey Cake, a flavorful Orange Sponge Cake, mildly sweetened with Honey. This is my first Steamed Cake, and the final result made me so happy. I prepared this cake for my parents wedding anniversary celebration