Bonjour tout le monde ! Voici un petit article pour expliquer rapidement comment j’ai réalisé mes lunettes...

This is my steampunk goggles tutorial I made for my steampunk Alice in Wonderland cosplay : learn how to do easy steampunk goggles

amazing zombie killing futuristic gun

How-To: Transform Toy Gun in to Steampunk Beauty

Funny pictures about Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome. Also, Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome photos.

Black & White Steampunk - Dragonfly Designs by Alisa

Black & White Steampunk boots with spats - Dragonfly Designs by Alisa (lots of pics)

Steam punk ... Wow

These little guys remind me of 'The Infernal Devices' by Cassandra Clare. A new Clockwork Army! (Yes, I'm a nerd) (Cool tiny mechanical insects made of old watch and radio parts by Justin Gershenson-Gates.

DIY steam punk goggles, nice! (I need to be able to see out of them but its a good start)

Awesome craft project from: Beneath the Surface (Summer Reading Program How to make Steampunk goggles

Steam punk recycled watch dragon

Artist Makes Sculptures Out of Old Watch Parts

Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates spectacular steampunk sculptures made out of old watch parts.

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DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. DIY and tutorials:Lunettes steampunk à partir de lunettes de soudure ~ Darkrevette ;

Steam punk ariel corset

Put a mermaid tail under that! "The Birth of NOLEMIRE THE MERMAID " Steel Corset by FIORI Couture. One of a kind gold brushed steel corset embellished with Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystals. (I spy seahorsies!