Feb 2013 Steam punk shoot. Photographer Michael Ang makeup artist Ashlee Johnston, Wardrobe by Lizzie Cullen and make up by Angela Lyons

The jewelry adorned with gears and mechanical dials, brass goggles, and what looks like a pocket watch chain dangling from his waist really bring out the Steampunk vibe in this look. Add all of that to a great look leather coat and you've got yourself an

Simple steampunk boys costume. I love the hat...a fairly easy DIY with top hat and an old clock.

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Marshall, Is the child of Jade and Cameo, he inherited Jades love for adventure but also got his fathers brains, he only has a small group of friends and is the holder of the Gegeto ring for a small amount if time while traveling through Zodre

Gold thread pocket watch chain embroidered on vest. Stripy pants and spats. Hat with gears and goggles.

leather vambrace - no grommets by ~TegwynDeForest on deviantART

When I'm all out of grommets, I start getting creative with coper wire. Here I used old pink sofa leather, painted it Brown and cut holes in it just lar. Leather Vambrace gauntlet - no grommets

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Jazz this up as an outfit (with a personal spin) and it would be an interesting outfit for guys in SL.

This copper pipe bookshelf. | 18 Steampunk Decor Flourishes That Will Make Any Room Badass

This copper pipe bookshelf.