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Looks like a tattoo for a band of steampunk revolutionaries or a secret society that keeps the Otherworld from destroying the world, right under the people's noses.

steampunktendencies:  Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors Facebook |  Google + | Twitter Steampunk Tendencies Official Group

Clockwork eye ~ Patrick Connors "I have decided to model Malachi's eye after this one. The details will change, of course, but this will be the final outcome of his cybernetic eye. steampunk coloring pages

My clockwork raven before the postproduction with photoshop ^__^ here [link] you can find the digital postproduction technique: ink and pencil on paper Steampunk Clockwork Raven WIP

My Mechanical Birds Drawn With Ink | Bored Panda

My Mechanical Birds Drawn With Ink

Ink drawings I made for Ingmar Studio, MIA record label and my private collection.

A Taste Of Copper by on @DeviantArt

The result of my live drawing demo, which I gave at ApolloCon in Houston last week. I only had two hours, so I had to go faster and less polished than I normally do, but it was a welcome new dynami.