Steampunk wedding cake

Gorgeous Steampunk Wedding Cake in blues and metallics. (I think it should have 2 hats as a wedding topper, surely.

Steampunk wedding cake!

50+ Awesome and Unique Steampunk Wedding Ideas

[tps_header]Victorian steampunk weddings are very original and gaining popularity today due to unique decor and fun details. Steampunk is closely connected with Victorian era, so try a vintage table setting with exqui.

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They are original, unforgettable and remind of masquerades! This is a perfect idea to use your imagination. We’ve just told you of some cool steampunk bridal dresses, and today I’m all into sweets!

Amazing Wedding Cakes Steampunk | The Design: You can include steampunk wedding event ideas into all ...

The whole steampunk aesthetic really appeals to me in general, but this clockwork confection is gorgeous no matter which way you slice it (see what I did there? 13 Nerdy Wedding Cakes for the Most Epic Reception Ever

@Mark Van Der Voort Van Der Voort Galata! We could do tiny sugar gears instead of flowers! Steampunk but simple!

Becky & Aaron's nerdtastic offbeat lite robot wedding