Stefon -- his faces and uncontrollable laughter is what makes him

Stefon -- his faces and uncontrollable laughter is what makes him so funny

Stefon SNL coffee mug by perksofaurora on Etsy

McRae needs this, but it would be funnier if it said "New York's hottest COFFEE" I love a good pun

Stefon Explains Jewpids #snl #stefon

Stefon Explains Jewpids This is seriously one of my favorite skits on SNL

I love stefon!!!!

SNL Stefon gallery wall print digital file Do you love Stefon? Are you building a gallery wall in your home and need a sassy statement piece?

Which “SNL” Icon Are You? You got: Bill Hader! > You work very hard and prefer to collaborate with other people than claim the spotlight for yourself. That said, you’re incredibly charming and funny on your own.

Which "SNL" Icon Are You?

I love this skit, it's even better when he can't keep a straight face while saying his line. I've been told he doesn't get to see the funny parts of his script before his skit. So his reactions would be even better.

Stefon's 10 Best Moments From SNL

bill hader (the one & only) as stefan this is by far my favorite SNL character

Stefon is my power animal.

Stefon from “SNL” inspires Mad Libs tributes

Gallery 1988: Glen Brogan “Stefon" | Bill Hader | Saturday Night Live | #SNLFanArt

Animated pic of Bill Hader as Stefan. Probably my favorite SNL character.