Buzzfeed: "What is OT" as explained by an occupational therapy student.

What The F--- Is Occupational Therapy?

Not sure if crazy drunk while doing stuff on the moshpit or straight high. But these dudes are funny as hell. Whatever happened to metalheads of today?

16 Ways “Step Brothers” Perfectly Describes You And Your Best Friend -- YAASSSS!

16 Ways "Step Brothers" Perfectly Describes You And Your Best Friend

The nina, the pinta, the santa maria

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As were the comebacks. | 19 Reasons "Step Brothers" Is The Most Underrated Will Ferrell Movie

As were the comebacks.

one time my friend was sort of mumbling about god and a sacred gem and eventually said “FUCK YOU GOD” and woke up everyone in our tent (we were camping)

Once I had a fever and I was told that I got up from my top bunk bed, looked out the window, the said, "I like that jack o lantern", then I fell on my face :/