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Artist Stanley Lau has created this incredibly rad series of Batman geek art -In the picture featured, Batgirl, Stephanie Brown-

Tim Drake (Red Robin) & Stephanie Brown (Batgirl) in Red Robin # 10 - Art by Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, & Guy Major

"Dear Tim, your girlfriend turned into a hard core NINJA while you were away- Stephanie Brown, Batgirl" ->Perfection

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) from DC.

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) from DC. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Steph's Costume

A Case for Stephanie Brown: A Good Soldier. Personally I don't really like her as batgirl, I don't mind her as robin and I love her as spoiler, I think it fits her personality more because the bats are pretty serious and she's kinda a goof.

Spoiler, Stephanie Brown from Detective Comics

Spoiler, Stephanie Brown from Detective Comics