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100 Spookiest Halloween Wedding Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

Brides.com: A Glossary of Wedding Flowers by Color. Stephanotis. This elegant white bloom is often seen on the lapel of a tuxedo.  Browse more stephanotis flower ideas.

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Seasonal Guide to Wedding Flowers.this is a guide for what is in season, usually. Most flowers are available year-round, but out of season flowers tend to be more expensive, and roses tend to rise in price around Valentine's Day.

How to make gumpaste stephanotis

Flower with "the mexican hat method" in gum paste. Should work for polymer clay. This method looks awesomely easy.

Southern Stems: Jasmine - Southern Weddings

Southern Stems: Jasmine

This three-tier chocolate chip wedding cake with vanilla icing was festooned with stephanotis flowers on the vine. Stephanotis reminds me of my mom

Stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are small, star shaped and sweet-scented white flowers used commonly for Weddings Flowers. Our wholesale Stephanotis flowers are packed in boxes of 25 and available year round. When arranging your Stephanotis, note that special wiring techniques are required for design work. Stephanotis vase life is 3 to 4 days so we recommend scheduling your Stephanotis delivery for one or two days prior to your wedding or event.

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Stephanotis are sweet-scented white flowers used comonly for Weddings. Our wholesale Stephanotis flowers are available year round.

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Cascading bridal bouquet without the calla lilies, and baby's breath instead of the stephanotis flowers, and some pink and white roses for bridal pictures