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Wtf? I can't believe people actually think like this.


The parents of Newtown only lost their children, but Bob Davis might have to fill out some forms at a gun show. That's a waste of precious time - time that could be spent at people who have lost their children.

How men would look if they had to pose the way women are directed to for magazines. objectification.

Steve Carell, Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert - my favourite male feminist line up ever 😁 Thank you Gentlemen, hilarious & on point as always

▪️Clear, short and to the point▪️

Renouncing feminism is a woman's right - I just don't think they realise how lucky they are to live in a world where they are free to voice that when there are countries like Saudi Arabia where women were only permitted to vote last year<-----PREACH

Even less if you put an ethnic woman on there

Women on money<<<If we put women on money, we could only put white women on it; if we put a WOC on the bill we might as well us quarters. (joke: only white women 77 cents to the dollars.

Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

Funny Meme - [Stephen Colbert proves that believing Michelle Backman is detrimental to your health!

"Feminist Frequency" creator Anita Sarkeesian weighs in on ‪#‎Gamergate‬:

"Feminist Frequency" creator Anita Sarkeesian on The Colbert Report

“Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but cynicism is a self-imposed blindness.” Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert, the Late Night Hope

In honor of the final episode ever of The Colbert Report tomorrow night -- *sniff* -- let us gaze upon the very handsome Stephen Colbert.

The woman who wrote America the Beautiful was a lesbian. Let that sink in. Take all the time you need, judgmental douchebags of America.

How dare a multicultural company use multiculturalism to push the idea that a country founded on multiculturalism might be multicultural. Also, I had no idea America the Beautiful was written by a lesbian!

Yes please, thank you. Ugh it's like people these days are proud of being uneducated.

Stay classy, Fox News. Stay classy.