Floral sternum tattoo I just got. Very painful but worth it!!! Took about an hour.

Flowers have always attracted beautiful women. Women are surely the personified version of flowers among humans. Therefore a natural bond between two pretty creations of God. Floral Tattoo ideas are very popular due to this bond of fascination.

Now that's an owl tattoo!! Tattoo Submission: Fanny Granström (Skellefeå)

Tattoo Submission: Fanny Granström (Skellefeå) (Tattoologist)

Now that's an owl tattoo! Tattoo Submission: Fanny Granström (Skellefeå) THIS IS IT!


Sternum tattoo, lovely but I broke my Sternum once play fighting with my hubby. So painful, so not for me :/

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love the chandelier/draping beads in underbust tattoos but that octo is perf

Something other than an octopus 😝 One of the sexiest places a woman can have some ink is right under her breasts, an area we like to call the “underboob.” These cool tattoos are only seen by the lucky few and thanks to this gallery we’re.

Lotus Lace Underboob Rib Tattoo Ideas for Women at MyBodiArt.com

Ceylon Lace Lotus Chandelier Temporary Tattoo

Instead he focuses on building texture. | Dr. Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Dr. Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Woo is a tattoo artist at Shamrock Tattoo in Hollywood, California. Love his unique style of tattooing small dagger tattoo