Doctor Strange & Eternity, Strange Tales #138 (November 1965), Art by Steve Ditko

jthenr-comics-vault: “ Doctor Strange & Eternity Strange Tales (November Art by Steve Ditko ”

“Wait a minute!” - Amazing Spider-Man #26 (July 1965) - Art by Steve Ditko - Words by Stan Lee

thecomicsvault: “Peter Parker’s “Spider-Sense” was graphically indicated by lines radiating around his head. Steve Ditko created shorthand symbols that worked perfectly for the comics medium. Only a very few have innovated in this manner, and Ditko.

Page 4 of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33 by Steve Ditko.  If I could have/afford one piece of original art...This One!

Romitaman Original Comic Book Art :: Private Collection :: Amazing Spider-Man by artist Steve Ditko

The picture above is part of Doctor Strange Comics by Steve Ditko. It was placed in article 10 Insanely Famous, Best Comic Book Artists...

10 Insanely Famous, Best Comic Book Artists You Should Know

Steve Ditko.  At the beginning of the Silver Age of comics, DC employed almost all the artists I liked.  All Marvel had going for it was Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.  But that was enough.  Married to Stan Lee's dramatic writing and refreshing characterization, they soon had me looking forward to each issue of Fantastic Four and Spider-Man with an anticipation I had never felt for DC.  -Ed Newsom

Steve Ditko

Genius cartoonist, co-creator of Spider-Man, and apparently a bit of a right-wing nutcase!

Classic comic book covers, transformed into loopy GIFs- whoa, that's actually kinda cool-looking.

Classic comic book covers, transformed into loopy GIFs

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 Animated by: Kerry Callen. Original cover by Steve Ditko. 30 Animated Comic Book Covers That Are Downright Hypnotizing

Steve Ditko's Doctor Strange

Strange- Ditko I used to read lots of comics. The only collection I still have is Dr. Always slightly outside of the norm of superheros, always weird, always entertaining.