Steve McQueen's Jaguar.

fabforgottennobility: “ He loved this car gentlementools: “ Steve McQueen’s Jaguar XKSS ” ”

Steve McQueen with Jacqueline Bissett on his Triumph during shooting for Bullitt in San Francisco (1968)

“ Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Bisset, and a Triumph Bonneville, San Francisco, on the set of Bullitt. This is a perfect photo.

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The 20 classic films every child should watch to understand the history of cinema

Steve McQueen on a Triumph made to look like a German bike in ''The Great Escape''. I know this is Germany but you can't have a board which has anything to do with motorbikes and not have Steve McQueen.

The "Cooler King" Mondays Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle Triumph TR6 650 cm3…

with The "Cooler King" Mondays Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle Triumph 650 While simplicity a tshirt a jeans boots and a Triumph . The style the risk and freedom on the streets of London September 1963 This is by

Steve McQueen, photographed by Leonard McCombe, 1961.

Steve Mcqueen 1961 — photo by Leonard Mccombe - he had the hot cars and the hot babes!

that's the way I feel some days!!!

Dylan Penn splits from boyfriend Steve McQueen

, one of the coolest men alive, Steve Mcqueen was an actor, race car driver and all round mad man.

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Steve McQueen and his Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. This car was later sold to someone who chopped the top in an effort to turn it into a Spyder, but has recently been bought and restored by Ferrari. Beyond stylish.

Steve McQueen as Frank Bullitt in "Bullitt" (1968) I used to have this exact outfit.

McQueen based the character of Frank Bullitt on San Francisco Inspector Dave Toschi, with whom he worked prior to filming. McQueen even copied Toschi's unique "fast draw" shoulder holster.

Steve McQueen in BULLITT (1968) The only thing cooler than this picture is the Mustang/Charger car chase in the film.

Steve McQueen in "BULLITT." The ONLY thing cooler than this picture is the Mustang - Charger car chase in the film! Steve drove the car himself - NO Stuntman!

Steve McQueen’s Porsche 911 Turbo ... has houses he owned on it.

Steve McQueen’s Porsche 911 Turbo. Not only could he pick clothes and girls , he could pick toys as well. The right car in the right colour.

Steve McQueen wearing the TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph watch in the 1971 movie Le Mans

Steve McQueen's iconic Tag Heuer watch from motor racing movie Le Mans sells for $800,000 at auction

Steve McQueen's racing suit -- my favorite McQueen photo of all.and love the Tag Monaco

Steve McQueen pendant le tournage de <i>Bullitt</i> en 1968, au côté de sa Ford Mustang GT 390.

La police pourrait stopper à distance vos voitures

American actor Steve McQueen climbs into his Jaguar sports car Califonia 1963

American actor Steve McQueen climbs into his Jaguar sports car Califonia 1963