Baracuta G9 slim fit jacket aka Harrington Jacket

the baracuta g9 slim fit jacket

"Steve McQueen, tough guy. Because no one in history has done more to advance the noble cause of khakis

The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time

The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time Steve McQueen, tough guy Because no one in history has done more to advance the noble cause of khakis, jeans, cable-knit sweaters, and leather jackets.

that's the way I feel some days!!!

Dylan Penn splits from boyfriend Steve McQueen

, one of the coolest men alive, Steve Mcqueen was an actor, race car driver and all round mad man.

As the Harry Styles and Tinie Tempah's of this world prepare their FROW outfits for London Collections: Men this weekend, let's take a look back at the real trendsetting gents from the past 50 years.

The 16 Most Stylish Men To Ever Walk The Planet

Steve McQueen, Bullitt, 1968 It’s ironic that this most macho of style icons is so well remembered for playing the tweed-jacket-wearing San Francisco detective Frank Bullitt. McQueen’s image is about.

Steve McQueen photographed by William Claxton, c. 1963.

All photos of Steve McQueen, the undisputed 'King of Cool'(as they say), by William Claxton. Published by Taschen Books. Thanks Junior.

Classic Barbour

The Barbour International

Steve McQueen is known as one of Hollywood’s true motor sport competitors and is famous for his 1971 film Le Mans, which also bankrupted the actor. However not many people know that Steve also competed in .

How to do blue with a huuuuge dash of masculinity

Great American men have worn denim jackets as far back as they've worn chiseled jaws and broad shoulders. But for the street, you're aiming for Steve McQueen.