The most beautiful song to ever come from Mr. Steven Tyler!  Unfortunately, most people haven't heard it.

I don't usually re post songs, but I hadn't ever heard this one. Love Steven Tyler/Aerosmith so much.

Steven Tyler Sings Jaw-Dropping Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace’ In Church!

Country Music Lyrics - Quotes - Songs Steven tyler - Steven Tyler's Jaw-Dropping Rendition Of 'Amazing Grace' Will Knock Y'all Off Your…

Steven Tyler.  "...But ultimately, the Steven Tyler Act’s problems may have less to do with draftsmanship than with the difficulty of defining privacy, a task that has challenged scholars and philosophers."  Pass it anyway. Everywhere.

The definition of both rockstar and bad boy. There are so many reasom why I should not be attracted to this man. but none of them are occuring to me right this moment.) LOVE me some Steven Tyler!

August 2015

Photo Andre Teague/Bristol Herald Courier Steven Tyler performs in concert Saturday evening at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Dream On.  Dream On.  Dream until your dreams come true.

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