Anybody wanna do a Steven Universe rp? You can rp as your characters or characters from the show! :)

I drew a big ol’ Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I’m gonna be selling it as a print. Steven Universe is a good show and I’m super glad kids have it! Some of the episodes are hit or miss for me.

Deedee wearing a Steven hoodie tho!

Deedee wearing a Steven hoodie tho! TheCoolPearl: I fricken love these gals, they're the sweetest! FYI - Back: Amethyst, Left: Pearl, Right: Peridot, Front: Lapis

So where's the titular Steven?  And Peridot, Sadie, Ruby, Saphire, Jasper, Greg, Mayor Dewey, Sour Cream, and Vidalia?

I choose this beacuse it shows the Voice Actors of Steven Universe and it allways fun to see who voices your favourite characters. Also, where's steven?

<(( BUT WHY?? W HY MUST YOU CAST A TSUNAMI OF FEELS ON ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE? *flails about while crying* ))>

we were tricked again, they wsnted us to see Rose as a pure light of kindess and then BOOM! MURDERER OF A GOD DAMN DIAMOND==>pre-wanted sounds like it was so long ago now

Sorry for the language but... Oh gosh this could be a thing. Jasper could become a corrupted gem...

Jasper gem crack I have a great theory what if instead of her gem being cracked the cast simply didn't want Jasper to appear super weak which would show a later insecurity because strength is a major principal she prides her self on universe cast

hug-a-mermaid: “ schmaniel: “ tezthinks: “ wearewakanda: “ “Steven Universe puts every single animation studios out there to shame with it’s fantastic voice casting.