Anybody wanna do a Steven Universe rp? You can rp as your characters or characters from the show! :)

I drew a big ol’ Steven Universe scramble, I really like how it turned out! If you come see me at Otakon I’m gonna be selling it as a print.Steven Universe is a good show and I’m super glad kids have it! Some of the episodes are hit or miss for me ~*~AS A

Ice Cream lapis my fave gem! Hers looks so good

Ice Cream

Ice Cream //Love that my favourite taste would be the same as my favourite character — Garnet, of course ❤️❤️❤️>>> Jasper and Connie's both sound really good.

Las caras son hermosas. We... Las caras •-•

I laughed so hard I cried why is this so funny

Steven universe | Tumblr

Pink Lars from Steven Universe. If they (SPOILER) had actually killed him off I would have never stopped crying

Love Like You | Steven Universe | always thought this was about rose <3

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Steven Universe Candy :3

And Jasper. Pffffft Lemon Pearls she's sure as hell sour enough! And I love the fact that the little Peridot candies are alien-shaped, it fits so well with her personality!

Lars: What's the Point in Being Blue? by on @DeviantArt

"There are just seagulls that fly in-front of the sunset and it's beautiful." Of all the characters in Steven Universe, I never thought I'd be drawin.

Pidge and Peri

Pidge and Peri

Steven Universe/Voltron Crossover, Pidge and Peridot