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Garnet Made of Love Stronger than You Song by HeyRockinRobin

I am made of love / and it's stronger than you! This Garnet song lyric print is a great gift for a Steven Universe fan.

Stronger than you

Stronger than you

Peridot NEEDS to be added to the opening theme

Peridot NEEDS to be added to the opening theme<<< garnet: we pearl: are amethyst: the crystal peri and Steven: gems!

OP: "sketchdump of cuties" | Steven Universe

I'm guessing that Steven lived with his dad for at least a couple of years, but I'd bet anything that the gems visited SUPER regularly to play and stuff.

rcjk17:  The only thing I could think of after watching:

Steven Universe - Garnet's head with squishy widdle legs! This is freakishly adorable!

Greg: whadda ya think garnet? :D Garnet: X/    *does this*

Me when Steven universe crossed with Uncle Grandpa themasterscientist NOPE steven universe garnet gif lol lol gifi'm outwtflike wtf Undertale Trash