Steven Universe | Message Received | Cartoon Network

Steven Universe | Message Received | Cartoon Network

Eh-Heh, actually, that's about where I started, but I went back and watched them in order afterward.

Why did this actually happen once? My friend started watching Steven with "Message Received" and I nearly cried.>>>>>how fUCKING DARE UR FRIEND

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #228

My art steven universe Message Received steven bomb yellow pearl

steven universe mad | Steven Universe Episode 'Message Received' Recap: #TeamPeridot

Steven Universe episode "Message Received" seems like the conclusion of Peridot's arc, but is it really? And who's the special guest star? Find out more in our Steven Universe "Message Received" episode recap after the jump.

Message Received #Jamie by imaplatypuz

Since had to stop his I decided to try my hand at it. :PThis is my take on Yellow Diamond’s pearl. I know it stinks, but to be fair, I did make it on my phone. BTW I love your account so much.

Steven Universe - Peridot Joins The Crystal Gems (Clip) Message Received - YouTube

Peridot tries to negotiate about the Cocksucker but calls Yellow Diamond a cock.

Steven Crewniverse Behind-The-Scenes Universe: ducksofrubber: “Message Received” was a really...

ducksofrubber: “ “Message Received” was a really fun episode to art direct. Rebecca and the story teams did such a good job introducing the Yellow Diamond arc, and I wanted to find a cool way to help.

Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 77 - Message Received

Peridot shows where her loyalties lie, but will Yellow Diamond change her tune?