Steven Universe - Quartzo fume cosplay. Melhor cosplay, claro ou com certeza ?

Steven Universe - Smoky Quartz Cosplay - this is not me this some random chick who was cooler than me~BlookyBerry

Steven Universe

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Classroom Gems Momswapped

Taking Care of Baby Steven, Steven Universe, Peridot

Taking Care of Baby Steven

More protective than Pearl almost

SU shorts - Lapis & Peridot Domestic Spats (steven's stuck in the screen, lapis wants to free him

Bad dream (Animation  : Steven Universe) - 9GAG

Bad dream (Animation : Steven Universe)

Bad dream (Animation : Steven Universe) - This art style is gorgeoussss

Yesssss!!!! Can't wait till she comes back!!!

If you are true Steven Universe fan then you should know that we never see a new character once sooooo.