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Because lava lamps are only one of my favorite things ever and I’m sure Peridot would enjoy them too. Y’know, for the B) UPDATE: You can now buy this on things here!


So cute.

This is so me. I act like peridot when I'm upset, and I'm one of the shortest of my friends and they always say how tiny and cute i am ^.

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laurenzuke: foop-mcfawn: Smol pie escapes in toilet ಡ◡ಡ this… makes me very happy

. Strange Phenomena .

Probably not what Peridot envisioned when Lapis suggested taking a walk. She’s more than impressed, regardless! Domestic AU masterpost (PLEASE do not repost.

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My piece for If you have the book, I’m on page I feel the purpose of my piece is pretty self-explanatory, but if anyone’s confused it’s a hypothetical conversation between peridot and her past self.