Mary, Queen of Scots' jewelry.

Mary, Queen of Scots' jewelry - one of my great-grandmothers.

Scottish Thistle

S - Scottish Thistle

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542–1587) (?) was MURDERED by Queen Elizabeth 1st to steal her Crown & Throne of Scotland ! The TUDORS were not from High Kings of Britain and held lower rank, and were jealous of anyone higher than them! They would MURDER anyone who got in their way like the Royal Borges of Italy!

Mary, Queen of Scots

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Elgin Cathedral  25 Unusual & Fun Things to Do in Scotland:

Elgin Cathedral, Scotland - The superb remains of a majestic and beautiful century cathedral. Almost destroyed in 1390 by Alexander Stewart, the infamous 'Wolf of Badenoch'.

Stewart innes - Rowing. Men's pairs.

Stewart innes - Rowing. Men's pairs.

Anne Boleyn Necklace

Recreation of an Anne Boleyn Necklace (The Tudors)

Necklaces of the Cheapside hoard...over 30 of various lengths were found....beautiful!!

"The hoard includes over thirty necklaces of various lengths. Most of them consist of delicate knots, stars, scrolls and foliate and floral links with the detail picked out in coloured enamels. Others include cabochon or faceted stones or pearls.

Anne of Cleves Pearl Flower Necklace

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Glove belonging to Mary Queen of Scots. Worn the day of her execution.

the left hand glove, worn by the Mary , Queen of Scots on the morning of her cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England