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Supernatural recap: Ask Jeeves. #where #can #i #ask #questions http://questions.nef2.com/supernatural-recap-ask-jeeves-where-can-i-ask-questions/  #ask geves # Supernatural recap: ‘Ask Jeeves’ THE MAID WITH A ROPE Sam and Dean try to get to the bottom of a string of murders. (Michael Courtney/The CW) Supernatural Posted November 18 2014 — 11:19 PM EST So far this season, Supernatural has proven that it can still do drama, and with last week’s 200th episode, it reminded us that it still has…
Review: Geek Actually - #Episode 4 - The Long Con - Cecilia Tan   Review: Geek Actually - Episode #4 - The Long Con - Cecilia Tan - June 2017  Out of all the Geek Actually books this one was a favorite of mine as it took place at a book convention. It also made me smile and remember the convention I had been too and places in the States that I visited. In The Long Con - Ellie Aditi and Michelle are off to Booklovers Con in New Orleans. Ellie with her cosplay outfits meets an author on the…