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Farnsworth House.

A SINGLE MAN Long-time architectural enthusiast Tom Ford teams up with a Mad Men production designer and casts John Lautner’s 1949 Schaffer Residence in a starring role.

see through container home on stilts

100 of The Most Impressive Shipping Container Homes

They have around 74 square feet of floor space but boast solar panels, water recycling systems and electric vehicle charging points

Architect designs tiny flats to stand on stilts above car parks

Architect Bill Dunster is trying to build the 74 square foot pods (shown) in Oxford. They have solar panels and water recycling systems.

Modern house-on-stilts - perfect for small, coastal living

Contemporary Garages

It's travel month so we thought a look at some interesting garages with contemporary designs might be fitting

small house on stilts' | Built on stilts: Karrie Jacobs on a strange new kind of house being ...

Built on stilts: Karrie Jacobs on a strange new kind of house being built

Stilt Houses by Prestige Homes, Contact

Stilt Houses by Prestige Homes. As long as those stilts are made of STEEL.

Tiny House on a Tree and Stilts: Best Treehouse Ever? | Tiny House Pins

I wanted a tree house SO badly as a kid but none of the trees in our back yard could support one. If I'm ever lucky enough to have kids, I will make sure they have a sweet tree house.