Stone painting

100 Best Painted Rocks

100 Best Painted Rocks

Hedgehog Painted Rocks - Rock Crafts for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun

Hedgehog Painted Rocks - Rock Crafts for Kids

Hedgehog Painted Rocks - Rock Crafts for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun (Rock Painting)

Marvel Comics cartoon hand painted stone

Marvel Comics cartoon hand-painted stone Superman Batman painted on stone creative stone painting - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Presse papier marbré au vernis à ongle - Marbled Paperweight DIY. These pretty rainbow rocks are perfect for brightening up your desk! With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary rock into your own marbled paperweight.

This marbled paperweight is easy to make and can add color to your table. You can change the color into red, white and blue to make it a patriotic decor for your desk.

Realistic stone paintings | animal paintings | unconventional canvas | stone painting

Artist Paints Realistically Detailed Animals on Smooth Stones

Akie Nakata paints realistic and minutely detailed depictions on the surface of smooth rocks in her series of stone animal paintings.

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I remember painting rocks as a child in the painted mushrooms, frogs and ladybugs :)

Very cool painted rock scenes! Sunset on painted rocks. Tropical and mountains.

Here are some pictures from the beautiful collection of painted stones and pebbles from the Net! These are amazing ideas that are been decorated with