List of the Presidents of the United States of America -- (This Photo was uploaded by Juanitaharris1.)

List of the All Male Presidents of the United States of America -- (This Photo was uploaded by women Presidents in U.

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Power Ranking The 25 Most Important Cat T-Shirts In The History Of The Internet

Fake Puma T-Shirt. Alternate way to own a (really cheap) Puma T-Shirt. One drawback though – this shirt needs to be fed regularly to look nice and fresh ;

1908 - Le camp d'hiver des Apsaroke

Crow Winter Camp/ 1908 by Edward S. The picture presents Two Crow (Apsaroke) people on horseback outside a tipi. They are in a thicket of trees, with snow covering the entire area. It looks cold as the Indians are bundled up.

Harlem, 1970’s. Boots and Hair!

'70s Beefcakes from "Playgirl" Magazine

Harlem, New York City in the vintage fashion style hot pants short tights boots women knit top shirt sweater afro hairstyle men suit checkered shirt tie hat kinda has a pimps and hos look ?

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Top 100 des photos les plus cools de Barack Obama, un président qui inspire

Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States of America to get elected in November 2008

Cette  Jeune fille n'est ni amérindienne ni Lakota elle est une  "Mestiza/metisse" Philippine dite  "mestiza de sangley" Philippine  photo by Francisco Van Camp (1875)

With a face that tells a thousand tales, this unknown young woman was photographed in the Philippines by Dutch photographer Francisco Van Camp in The photograph's inscription describes her as an ethnic Chinese mestizo.

Cuando los hombres son oprimidos, es una tragedia. Cuando las mujeres son oprimidas, ES TRADICIÓN.

"Miss Julie," a Play by August Strindberg: A Critical Analysis of Gender in Victorian Society

“When men are oppressed it’s a tragedy. When women are oppressed it’s tradition.

Les derniers Amérindiens photographiés dans les années 1900

Les derniers Amérindiens photographiés dans les années 1900

An expansive photo record of Native American life in the early 1908 An Apsaroke mother and child. Image: Edward S. Curtis/Library of

La boîte à images

The good people at Awkward Family Photos have now gathered together a hilarious new collection that shows the family vacation at its very best.

Géronimo n'a jamais été chef, mais en tant qu'homme-médecine (chaman) et guerrier reconnu et respecté, il eut une grande influence sur les Apaches Chiricahuas. Après la mort de Tazha, le fils aîné de Cochise, Naiche, le second fils du vieux chef doit partager le contrôle de la tribu avec lui.

"Navajo Boy" Photo taken by Carl Moon circa Mr. Moon captured many Native Americans on film while traveling through Arizona.