psyhedelic bedroom,, great stoner room, but couldn't live in it. not even stoned.:

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psyhedelic bedroom,, great stoner room, but couldn't live in it. not even stoned.: - Are You A Boho-Chic? Check out our groovy Bohemian Fashion collection! Our items go viral all over the internet.

Stoner room - with blacklight and posters. Pretty much my brother Russ's room. LOL

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35 Charming Boho-Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

home decor hippie vintage bedroom boho indie bed retro bohemian Interior Interior Design interiors decor gypsy boho style gypsy.FUKYEA dis is wat I want my bedroom to look lik wit leopard print and cheetah shit to throw in a lil bit more of me

I like the stars, and backlight posters. Definitely gonna have this

just glow-in-the-dark star/planet stickers, black lights & black light posters.

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home is where the heart is So making this ASAP! No bake nutella cheesecake!

Store snacks in shoe pockets, and make the most of the pantry door. 17 DIY Kitchen Tips That Will Forever Change Your Favorite Room

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Wall Decor – Sun Pictorial Wall Tapestry Twin Gpsy bohemine – a unique product…

60s tokers

This CRACKS me up. Thomas Bangalter when he had a sweet shag & yellow shirt. Essence of the late Hideous, but I still love it

stoner bedroom tumblr - Google Search

I like the idea of the glowing stars on the wall for a bedroom. But the whole glow in the dark room instead of a bed maybe put out couches for a Den or something.