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I'm pining this under smartassery because I've been saying this for a long time now and I STILL haven't made him realize this...and the best part..he still cannot be honest to this day.

Like I've said to you- SIGNS - you two are shady people. Same schedule always.

Get strong! Be real & for gods sake stop all your lies & trying to be in our lives!! Your days of being anything at all to us ( especially him) is over! Move on! Get a hobby, a real job, an education & your OWN man!!

Your lies prove how weak you truly are. You aren't strong enough to handle the truth, it destroys you

the whole truth... a lie is a lie. You have to live with it, the caliber of a human it forces you to become can ways be changed. Break free, break loose. Be who you are, be who you're meant to, be yourself. Don't let somebody dictate your opinions, ideas or force you to tell someone something you don't want. That is unhealthy, that is not you. That is manipulative abuse. I hope you become aware Megan

No matter what kind of lie you tell, a lie will always be a lie. If you agree, you'll definitely love this honest relationship quote!

They always catch u up ,

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Do the Living World a favor, assholes and stop lying about how special and important you are. You're not, and your lying bullshit is turning the world into shit to feed your parasitic asshole.

😂 So much I could say. Bite my tongue, bite my tongue 😬🤐 argh hahaha.

And that truth is that you will never have what we have , so stop trying to come between us , IT WILL NOT WORK get a life of your and stop stalking us on here . We come on here to keep in touch , your just the crazy cow who won't leave us alone .

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Better be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie! And the truth is: the Novus Ordo Sect IS NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! It's better to be outside than to be an accomplice of their heresies and misdeeds!